At Cracked Pepper, we believe an event is about experiencing your brand. Whether you host golf tournaments, employee appreciations, Stampede hoedowns, holiday celebrations, or any other event, it is more than just a party, it’s a reflection of you.

Make Cracked Pepper your events’ essential ingredient.

Whether you are an individual, a committee, or a company, you have a brand and a message to project. Events are the means to elevate and reflect that message and brand to all stakeholders and to engage them in the experience of your brand.

Cracked Pepper can help you strategically plan an event and use it as a resource to bring your message to the forefront and to connect with your target audience, creating an opportunity to make an emotional connection with your brand. We will work with your team and within your overall marketing strategy to create an event strategy that fits your mission and core values.

Over the past 13 years, we have coordinated and managed upwards of 200 events. Each event begins with an evaluation of the company or individual’s image and brand and leads into producing a strategy to incorporate this message into the event to create something unique. The extensive event portfolio includes corporate meetings, Christmas celebrations, fundraising gala dinners, political rallies and dinners, symposiums, and B2B sessions. The scope of these events range from meetings of 50 attendees to galas for 3500 guests, managing décor, catering, staging, lighting, entertainment, production, marketing, communications, speakers, programs and other logistical and communication related aspects.